“Custom is big on atmosphere, working with very little and taking its time to build. A restricted colour palette and Philipp Morozov’s wonderfully textured cinematography contributes a lot to this, but most important is Teixeira’s understanding of the importance of letting viewers’ minds do their own conjuring. “
Eye for Film

“A well-made and stylish debut, Custom is a great homage to the master of weird – David Cronenberg – with enough personal flourishes to stand on its own two feet.”
The Hollywood News

“As far as micro-budget first features go though, this is a fascinating curio; a rare, ambitious attempt at capturing the same sort of uniquely viscous smuttiness rarely seen since the heyday of Hellraiser.”
Hey U Guys

“Wilfully arty, Custom written and directed by Tiago Teixeira makes the best of what must have been a minuscule budget to create some really quite unsettling images.”
Film News

“Custom almost achieves the status of being the British equivalent of Videodrome with its depiction of nightmarish scenarios.”
Starburst Magazine

“Custom is a keeper, still playing out in the head long after the tape has been ejected.”
Projected Figures

“Teixeira has the astute ability to build and maintain a level of atmosphere that is profoundly ominous, demanding the viewers attention throughout, ironically making a film that is not too dissimilar to the videos featured within.”
The Fright Club

“Hallucinatory sequences abound, keeping both the protagonists and viewers off-kilter and curious about what will happen next. Teixeira conjures up a dizzying atmosphere.”
Horror Fuel

“As the writer, director and editor, Teixeira shows impressive control over the film in creating a consistent vision (…) The languorous, dreamlike quality is deliberate and in line with the paranoid, conspiratorial storyline.”
The Geek Show


“The award-winning filmmaker’s penchant for precise and glacial camera movement, eye-catching colour and his clear understanding of visual storytelling owing to his studying of cinema and design should have horror fans excited for an arresting work that doesn’t rely solely on sound for scares.”
Big Picture Film Club


FrightFest Glasgow interview with Tiago Teixeira writer and director of Custom

Hex, lies and videotape – Tiago Teixeira on creating magic in Custom

Interview by Rich Johnson with Tiago Teixeira

Interview by Paul Risker for the Frighfest Glasgow 2024 programme

Abigail Hardingham on playing ‘Harriet’

Rowan Polonski on playing ‘Jasper’

Brad Moore on playing ‘Bishop’

Interview with cinematographer Philipp Morozov

The Sound of ‘Custom’, by Ted Regklis

Samantha Steel on playing ‘Bea’


Horror Hangout #327 : FrightFest Glasgow 2024



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