I became involved in the project in a fairly unconventional way. Not surprising in retrospect, as safe to say the script and Tiago Teixeira are also fairly unconventional.

As a femme presenting person, I felt early on that I wanted to be involved behind the scenes as much as I could given the nature of some of the scenes Rowan Polonski (Jasper) and I would end up shooting. This was not only welcomed, but encouraged. Still new to producing, I suddenly found myself helping to make decisions that I hadn’t been afforded the privilege of making before. Not least in thanks to Andy Edwards (Paranoid Android Films) who often pushed me to the front of class to speak up! With a massive vested interest in a lot of the themes in Custom, I was so grateful to have been heard and have my two-pence considered. Tiago is a wonderful director and an even more wonderful human. He has a quiet demeanour and a twisted vision. Working alongside him has been a really special experience and one I won’t forget in a hurry.

Custom speaks to two things I can’t live without, art and sex. Certainly, this film is a passion project and made by one of the most devoted cast and crew I’ve been lucky enough to work with… All in the name of art; and through our characters’ creative medium of choice being sex, this film is sure to evoke conversation.

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