rowan Polonski on playing ‘Jasper’

Working on Custom was extremely satisfying as a performer. It was a set driven by a passionate team who grafted in the true spirit of independent filmmaking. The shoot was one of the most collaborative experiences I’ve had; everyone’s voice mattered, and creative offers and problem-solving suggestions from everyone on the team were welcomed and given consideration.

Tiago’s writing and direction made it feel easy to take ownership of the character I was playing, and the atmosphere on set, although full of positive energy and often humour, always felt connected to the eerie world that his concept was creating.

Working with the other actors Abi, Brad and Samantha and committing with them to the scenes we shared was energising and everything you hope for when shooting a film at such a fast pace and to a tight schedule.  Everyone always came fully prepared, and their work ethic meant the level of performance was high.

I’m very proud to be a part of the film and to have shared time alongside such a hard-working team – a group of inspired individuals who make films for all the right reasons and in the right way. 

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