Samantha Steel on playing ‘Bea’

It was an absolute pleasure to have honed my method as Bea. Everyone behind the film was dedicated to focusing on crafting exactly what Tiago and Andy needed. I feel privileged to have been a part of Tiago’s debut feature. To have stood shoulder to shoulder with Rowan, Abi & Brad as we crafted this lasting moment in time, dancing together in the dark of CUSTOM. It was an honor to have shaped Tiago’s vision as an equal to such talent.

Bringing Tiago’s vision of Bea to life wasn’t a mask as such, more a tuning of oneself, as is my technique. Tiago gave me a script and asked to see his Bea. My thoughts drifted to a life of this young and innocent Transexual woman, stuck in a world of darkness, where she didn’t want to be, yet bore her life with confidence and grace. A bright light of hope that tried her best to breathe in the burning ash of Tiago’s CUSTOM. That is who she was to me.

CUSTOM was an unforgettable page in my book which has given me incredible cinematic experience, and lasting relationships with wonderful people. Leaving me eager for my next best suited vision of immortality in film. This is my passion… breathing life into story as best I can.”

Tribute Poem:

Is not the allure of things we fear strange?

An age it seems since my eyes could not see through the veil of trust before me.


Not taken but consumed in selfish desire as I watch in agony… my Bishop.

At the heart of all things be my trust for such delusion of hope.


In a way not meant for lovers, but for those of twisted sickness.


Be my thoughts which fill with pitch most high as my eyes not see but drift to shattered angst.


Is not the allure of things we fear strange?

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